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Vivid and Continuous

Vivid and Continuous - Essays and Exercises for Writing Fiction

"Vivid and Continuous is smart, extremely helpful, and - unlike most books about how to write - very funny."

Elizabeth Stuckey-French, author ofThe Revenge of the Radioactive Lady

"Written in an accessible style, this book comes from the guy on the bus who wants to talk to you. It just so happens that he’s a writer, and he’s offering you some shortcuts on your own writer’s journey. Listen to him. Not only is he entertaining, he knows what he’s talking about."

Lee Martin, author of The Bright Forever

The Creative Writer's Survival Guide

The Creative Writer's Survival Guide

"This has got to be the most comprehensive nuts-and-bolts how-to that has ever been written about writing. McNally has answered every one-every one!-of the questions that always come up in a Q&A session when the writer's impulse is to talk about Art and the audience wants to know: how do I get to be you? I look forward to having this book in hand. It's a fine addition to the ever-growing literature of creative writing, and it covers everything."

Janet Burroway, author of Writing Fiction and Bridge of Sand

Who Can Save Us Now

Who Can Save Us Now?
(coedited with Owen King)

"Who Can Save Us Now? is a surprisingly varied read, by turns funny, creepy, melancholic and joyous."

NPR, Critics' Lists (Summer 2008)

"Fresh and fun, this collection is sure to please everyone from the classic comics lover to the newbie Heroes fan."


"These new superheroes are just as colorful and wily as their predecessors."

Chicago Tribune

When I Was a Loser

When I Was a Loser

When I Was a Loser is John McNally's new anthology of original essays about high school loserdom with contributions by Maud Newton, Owen King, Doug Crandell, Tod Goldberg, Kelly Braffet, Johanna Edwards, Will Clarke, and many, many more.

"When I Was a Loser, edited by novelist John McNally (America’s Report Card), gathers some two dozen winning recollections by Julianna Baggott, Will Clarke, Brad Land and others who look back with humor, embarrassment, and even grudging affection on how they survived their high school years packed with bad hairdos, boring family vacations, backstabbing best friends, and other painful rites and rituals of adolescence."

Elle Magazine (March 2007)

Bottom of the Ninth

Bottom of the Ninth

"Edited by John McNally, this montage of stories about hitters, pitchers, and umpires displays wide varieties of emotional dishevelment, consistently putting the reader in the game, making the green of the grass present, and leaving the sound of the ball hitting the bat ringing."

New City (Chicago)

"[T]he gem of the [Writing Baseball] series so far, to be treasured by any reader who enjoys baseball fiction."

SportsFan magazine

Humor Me

Humor Me

"An old buddy of mine said to me once, 'Hey, man, why don't you write funny stories like you used to?' 'You must be crazy,' I said. 'The real money's in the depressing angst-ridden stories that nobody reads. You want funny, pal, go read Humor Me, and stay the hell outta my business.'"

Reginald McKnight, author of HE SLEEPS

"Humor Me brings a diverse group of writers together under the banner of humor and shows that writing can be well-crafted and funny."

Crab Orchard Review

Student Body

The Student Body

- Silver Award Winner, Short Fiction Book of the Year, ForeWord Magazine

"'University campuses, small and large, are treasure-troves of material for fiction writers,' editor McNally states in his introduction. He has indeed unearthed some treasures, by writers as diverse as Richard Russo, Stephen King, Dan Chaon, and Thisbe Nissen... This excellent collection captures both the passion and the isolation in academia."


"This interesting and useful book reminds us of the fragility of lives on both sides of the desk."

American Association of Higher Education Bulletin

High Infidelity

High Infidelity

"These stories, like all good fiction, are about the human predicament, about love lost and love found, about people doing the best they can with what they've got."

San Francisco Chronicle

"A gripping anthology."

Elle Magazine

"The stuff of gossip and rumors is also material for great stories."

Chicago Tribune (Editor's Choice)